When I was a kid I took a ball and glove everywhere I went. My friends and I would organize pickup games, sometimes choose-ups, sometimes against other schools, in the public parks and fields. It may have been a different time. But today fields are fenced off to “protect” them. Or fields are locked because permits are required.

But in a time when obesity and the size and kinds of sugary drinks kids ingest, are huge issues—where are the GREEN places for kids to organize pick-up games and play? Today many kids only know about sports from the electronic devices they hold in their hands and that are connected to their televisions.

PRO KIDS SPORTS and MANNYVAN.com are dedicated to making access to sports and recreation a priority. As well as focusing on maintaining and protecting the grassy areas growing children need to keep themselves healthy. Coach EJ is a veteran of many seasons coaching Little League Baseball, Flag Football as well as tournament teams in basketball and hockey. Coach has been involved with kids sports all the way back to when he was hockey counselor in summer camp. Eventually moving up to sports Director and Assistant Camp Director.

Now The Coach is devoted to kids sports full time. After 17 years in finance The Coach is doing something he is truly passionate about and loves. The proof is in the kids that come back to play just for his teams season after season.

Not every player goes on to be a professional but The Coach tries to give each kid coming through his teams that special feeling of belonging to a team, a feeling kids will always take with them no matter if they go on further in sports or in anything they do further in life.